Across the globe, calls are being made for bolder human expansion into space beyond earth orbit. Achieving the interstellar journey in many ways must build upon, promote and establish fundamental research, technology development, societal systems and capacities that facilitate ready access to our inner solar system and which will leave an indelible mark upon life on earth. 100YSS is working to create new avenues to foster such innovative, robust collaborative, Transdisciplinary research, project design and technological development. The 100YSS 2013 Public Symposium—Pathway to the Stars, Footprints on Earth—seeks to highlight both the small incremental steps and radical leaps required to make significant progress on the way to interstellar space



  • Technical and Academic Presentations
  • International Project Showcase
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Special Networking Sessions
  • Collaboration and Project Development Opportunities
  • Entertainment
  • Sci-Fi Panel

Speakers, guests and presenters at the symposium include thought leaders and experts in space policy, propulsion systems, and life science in space exploration, astronauts, sociology and culture scholars, and representatives from international space agencies, aviation and aerospace start-up leaders, science fiction luminaries, educators, and musicians.

During the symposium space experts will participate in a platform for cutting-edge research, space enthusiasts will expand their knowledge, and the public will be engaged through an interactive exposition.

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“Meeting the challenge of 100YSS® stands to be even more transformative to our world, than Sputnik… ”